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iPod Nano

Free iPod Nano with Mobile Phone Contract Deals - Ipod nano could a free gift next time you go to buy a mobile phone. Big networking companies in uk namely virgin, Vodafone, o2, t mobile, orange etc are offering a range of free gifts along with the best mobile phone deals from the companies. If you sing a contract for a period of time with the company not only will you get incentives like free talk time, free text messages, free rental lines but you can get expensive free gifts like lap tops, mobile phones with Free iPods Nano. This display has got 1.54 inches TFT display which has the resolution of 220 pixels. The ipod come with 8 GB and 16 GB flash memory that means a lot of storage capacity in a really compact drive. The inbuilt lithium ion battery is rechargeable and once you have charge this battery fully this battery can go for next 24 hours continuously.

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